Comunications Strategies  


Every year geese migrate towards warmer weather for the winter.

They fly in V-formation.  This is done because it increases their range by 71% relative to a bird flying by itself.

When a goose gets out of the formation it feels the extra air resistance and the difficulty of flying alone.  Then, quickly, it returns to the formation to take advantage of the lift power of the birds in front of it.

Each lone effort in communication is like the goose that gets out of the formation, increasing the difficulty of achieving the goal.  That’s why at SERÁ Communication we specialize in developing and implementing integral strategies. 


We achieve a strong and effective communication by the development a strategy which:

  • Is governed by a single “conducting wire” which ensures consistency in display and meaning.
  • Accounts all the key groups: clients, press, partners, community and interest groups.


  • To improve brands and companies Top of Mind.
  • Improve the company’s image, sales, and the use of its publicity.
  • To achieve better market penetration.

These objectives are achieved through:

  • Small Events  – tents, animation, music, etc.
  • Promoters.
  • Development of publicity and promotional campaigns.
  • Corporate events
  • Proper management of the press.

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